Structurecity Market

Do you wish to sell building materials at a relatively low or no cost? Do you wish to leverage on our platform to boost sales? Then you’re in the right place, Structurecity Market.
Our market is the easiest, reliable and most efficient way to increase sales in short time. You can publish your products for free on the website and profit from a 24-hour real-time market exposure by leveraging on our platform, expertise and management.
From the activation of your shop on Structurecity, you will be assigned an Account Manager that will help and support you to make the most of Structurecity by,

  1. Assisting you to manage your shop and account with Structurecity.
  2. Assisting you to generate an important turnover.

Think building material sales, Think Structurecity. It’s time to make good sales, better sales and even the best sales nationwide.


  1. Create your online shop from the comfort of your room, office or even in a bus.
  2. No entry fee, you only pay a commission if you sell items.
  3. Reach out to millions of customers all over Nigeria.
  4. Have a shop open 24/7.
  5. Benefit from a customer service team that responds to the requirements of your buyers.


  1. You subscribe online and our team contacts you in order to meet you.
  2. You follow a personalized training to access and manage the web interface dedicated to the sellers: The Seller Backend.
  3. You register and publish any type of building material that you are accustomed to or that you wish to sell on Structurecity: your products will be put online.
  4. You follow your order every day in the Seller Centre. When an order is placed on
    your product(s), you’ll receive an Local Purchase Order (LPO) via mail to deliver your products to the specified location.
  5. Structurecity credits you the amount due every weekly, biweekly or monthly
    depending on the product after deduction of the charges and commissions.