FAQs Designers

1. How do I add a design (drawing)?
Click on add design, register to upload your drawing.

2. What do I upload at the initial stage and what format should it be?
You are required to upload the 3d rendering (Front and Rear View) of your drawing captured at an angle other than 90 degrees, it should be on a picture format (jpg, jpeg, png etc.)

3. How many design(s) can I upload?
You can upload as many designs as possible, so far as it is up to standard.

4. How do I know that a client is interested in my design?

You’ll be contacted for the presentation plan of your design being applied for. 

Note: Submitting your presentation plan is not a guarantee that the client will accept your design. The presentation plan will give the client an insight of the interiors and for modifications request (if any) before payment.

5.  When do I send the complete design (drawing)?

You will be contacted when the client makes the payment for your design. 

6. How do I present my complete drawing (design)?
For the 3d renderings, capture the views at angle other than 90 degrees. When exporting to pdf format ensure that,
a.    Your drawing is placed on “fit to page” and the acceptable layout is landscape except stated otherwise.
b.    The page size is A3 format, except stated otherwise.

7. How do I get paid for my design?

StructureCity pays you 50% of the sum after you’ve submitted the AutoCad file of your design (prior to any modifications, recommendations or corrections needed; as this is the proof that you have the design you claim). 40% will be paid after submission of complete design according to the specified standard. The remaining 10% will be paid 3 months after submission of complete design. 

Payments will be made to the bank account specified in your profile

8. What cost is displayed underneath my uploaded design on the website?
The cost underneath your uploaded design is the price you set for your design. This cost is for architectural document only.