How it works

Add design (Architects)

Architects registers as designers and publish 3d realistic photo renderings of their designs for potential clients. Structurecity verifies the design immediately for quality control purposes, to ensure the authenticity of the design before its published on the platform.
Affiliates registration (Affiliates)

Affiliates (architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, project managers, technicians & companies) registers on the platform.
Search Design (Clients)

Search for your proposed designs of your choice according to category, budget, land size etc.
Apply (Clients)

You can either apply for an existing design (designs that you see on website) or custom design (customized design based on your personal preferences, in other words they don’t exist on the website). See custom design pricing list to ascertain the prices for producing the architectural documents of the different categories of designs. Apply for your complete contract document of your desired design chosen from different categories of the design. Click here to see what document Structurecity will give as a complete document. On application tick the checkboxes for the documents (architectural drawing, structural drawing, mechanical and electrical drawing, bill of quantity etc.) you want to get. If you want Structurecity to organize construction professionals to develop your proposed property, tick the last checkbox (construction). Structurecity will get back to you immediately when your application is received.
Procedures on existing design application

Structurecity will receive your application after you’ve made an online commitment payment of ₦1500.00 for your desired design.
You will receive an acknowledgement email confirming your application, and also stating the duration of when you will receive presentation plan for your request. N.B: presentation plan is not a working drawing. It doesn’t have any dimension, it only shows the arrangement of the room. You’ve 24-48hours to review your presentation plan.
You’re required to reply the email ( with your design ID stating that you’re satisfied with the presentation plan after 24-48hours. If you are not satisfied with the plan, reply the email or call the customer-care service stating the modifications to be made on it. N.B: Duration for this modification takes 2-3 working days. More so, the presentation plan can only be modified two times, therefore ensure you take proper observations and file all your complaints once, to save you time and other resources.
Structurecity will send you an invoice stating all the cost for producing the required documents as applied. N.B: All payment must be made before Structurecity releases the document. When filling out the bank teller, ensure to write the design ID for easy verification. We also accept online transfers. Kindly keep the bank receipt for clearance and collection of the document on delivery.
Structurecity delivers your document after 5-10 working days pending on when you make your payment

Procedures on custom design application

On application give a good description of what your design will look like. Upload your survey plan to give a better description of your land, dimensions, shape, entrance gate location etc. However, if you don’t have this document and your land is a regular shape (square or rectangular) you can do sketch with dimensions and upload it when applying. If you want us to provide a survey plan for you, you can place your request.

You’ll receive an acknowledgement mail containing details of the commitment fee payment
After commitment fee payment, you’ll receive a the presentation plan as well as the invoice of all the services being applied for.

N.B: A commitment fee of ₦10000.00 will be made before further actions will be made on your request. This fee will be deducted from the total cost. See custom design pricing list for the different categories of design. Other procedure remains the same as follows from item 3 in that of the existing design.